The current course dates back to 1923, when the Newbury and District Club was founded. The club was opened with an exhibition match between the two designers and James Braid and Ted Ray. However, that is only part of the story. The history of the club has two distinct origins, and the Crookham Club precedes its younger sibling by 50 years and has a fascinating history.

The Field reported in July 1873 that a golf links had commenced at Crookham, near the Thatcham railway station, an important fact since transport was far less available in those days. The club was founded by a naval officer and a vicar, Captain Robert Dashwood Fowler and another golfing enthusiast the Rev John Scott Ramsay.

In 1940 Greenham Common was requisitioned by the MOD, which resulted in the loss of the course for ever. The members were given temporary membership by their neighbours, and it crystalised into a permanent position. The club then changed its name to Newbury and Crookham Golf Club. The new course was on land leased from the Baxendale family. The clubhouse is in the former laundry and stables of Greenham Lodge, and then in 1952 the family finally sold the land to the club

The club has two of the oldest trophies in English golf, the premier one was called The Open Cup and attracted all the best players of the time. The other is called the Challenge Cup and both are played for at the club today.

Newbury & Crookham is proud of its history, but the club is forward looking and encourages local people to come and enjoy its facilities.

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