Greenham Parish Council are inviting Greenham residents to show us their spring gardens and streets, including wildlife for the 2024 Greenham in Bloom Competition. There is no entry charge and there will be prizes for the winners of each category. The winning photograph will be published on the Greenham Parish Council website, community Facebook pages. The winners may even be published in Newbury Weekly News.

To enter please complete the Entry Form and submit it with your images, ideally images will be digital although hard copies will be accepted. The closing date for entries is 18 April 2024. The winners will be invited to the Parish Community Assembly in the Greenham Control Tower on Thursday 25th April 2024 from 7pm onwards.


• What Spring means to me

• Wildlife in Greenham

• Spring in my Street

• Open

Age categories Under 11 , 12-17 and 18 +

Prizes include garden vouchers and a engraved plaque.

Please send your entry form found HERE and images to the Parish Clerk at if you would like to post hard copies, please send to:

Greenham Control Tower

Greenham Parish Council

Burys Bank Road



RG19 8BZ

We really look forward to seeing all your great photography and showing off our beautiful Parish of Greenham.

Good Luck!


2023 -Congratulations to Hannah Morrison for the best in category and overall Winner of the 2023 Greenham in Bloom Competition with her picture of Stroud Green WildFlowers.

Also Congratulation to the following winners of categories;

On the Street where I live - David Leigh

In my garden - Anna Kaesser (pic. Snail)

Open - Sophie Milligan (Landscape)


If you would like to check your postcode to confirm you do live in Greenham Parish to enter the Greenham in Bloom Competition, hopefully your postcode is shown below.. If your postcode is not shown, I am sorry  that you will not be able to enter the competition as you live outside the parish.

RG14 5TH

RG14 7JH

RG14 7TB

RG19 8BX

RG19 8XB

RG14 5UG

RG14 7JJ

RG14 7TF

RG19 8BY

RG19 8XD

RG14 7JN

RG14 7TH

RG19 8BZ

RG19 8XE

RG14 7AA

RG14 7JP

RG14 7TJ

RG19 8DA

RG19 8XG

RG14 7FY

RG14 7JR

RG14 7TL

RG19 8DB

RG19 8XL

RG14 7FZ

RG14 7JR

RG14 7TN

RG19 8DB

RG19 8XQ

RG14 7GA

RG14 7JW

RG14 7TP

RG19 8ER

RG19 8XR

RG14 7GB

RG14 7JZ

RG14 7TR

RG19 8EY

RG19 8XS

RG14 7GD

RG14 7LB

RG14 7TS

RG19 8EZ

RG19 8XT

RG14 7GE

RG14 7LB

RG14 7TT

RG19 8FA

RG19 8XU

RG14 7GF

RG14 7LD

RG14 7TU

RG19 8FB

RG19 8XW

RG14 7GG

RG14 7NY

RG14 7TW

RG19 8FF

RG14 7GH

RG14 7RP

RG14 7TX

RG19 8FL

RG20 4HQ

RG14 7GJ

RG14 7RR

RG14 7TY

RG19 8HR

RG20 4HS

RG14 7GL

RG14 7RS

RG14 7TZ

RG19 8HW

RG20 4HT

RG14 7GN

RG14 7RT

RG14 7WB

RG19 8RZ

RG14 7GP

RG14 7RU

RG14 7WD

RG19 8SA

RG20 9AY

RG14 7GQ

RG14 7RX

RG14 7WE

RG19 8SB

RG20 9BB

RG14 7GR

RG14 7RY

RG14 7WF

RG19 8SE

RG14 7GS

RG14 7SA

RG14 7WG

RG19 8SF

RG14 7GT

RG14 7SB

RG14 7WH

RG19 8SG

RG14 7GU

RG14 7SD

RG14 7WN

RG19 8SH

RG14 7GW

RG14 7SE

RG14 7WP

RG19 8SL

RG14 7GX

RG14 7SJ

RG14 7WR

RG19 8SN

RG14 7GY

RG14 7ST

RG14 7WU

RG19 8SP

RG14 7HA

RG14 7XA

RG19 8SQ

RG14 7HB

RG14 7XQ

RG19 8SR

RG14 7HQ

RG19 8SS

RG19 8ST