Greenham Common Control Tower is owned by Greenham Parish Council and leased to Greenham Control Tower Limited (an independent charitable organisation) whom manage the facility as a visitor centre and cafe. The Parish Council office is on the first floor of the Control Tower.

Greenham Control Tower opened its doors in the summer of 2018 as a visitor centre and community hub with the aim to preserve and share the historical legacy of one of the few remaining airfield buildings. Telling the story of Greenham Common whilst supporting and cooperating with local organisations for the benefit of the whole community.

Run by volunteers, they aim to promote four key themes:

  • The military and Cold War history of the common

  • The social history of the common

  • The role of protest in society

  • Nature conservation and wildlife

The control tower offers an open space to enjoy the common from a fascinating and dynamic location. With a range of activities and facilities aimed at all ages to educate, inform and entertain. To find out more information including how you can get involved and the current opening hours please visit