• <h1 class="fadeh123css">Greenham Common was known as USAAF Station<br>AAF-486 for security reasons by the USAAF during WW2. </h1>

  • <h1 class="fadeh123css">In late 1943, Greenham Common airfield<br>was turned over to the USAAF Ninth Air Force.</h1>

  • <h1 class="fadeh123css">In April 2018 the handover ceremony was performed by<br>Council Chair Cllr Julian Swift-Hook,<br>and the Chair of the Control Tower Committee, Cllr Jon Gage.</h1>

Greenham Parish Council

AGAR Year End Audit

Please find a link below to the completed External Auditor report  and

Year end Notice for Greenham Parish Council

GPC Year End External Auditor Form

GPC Year End Notice

For more details please contact:


West Berkshire Climate Conference set for October

The West Berkshire Climate Conference will explore different ways residents, businesses, local organisations and the Council in West Berkshire can

help tackle the climate crisis.

The free event will be held at Newbury College from 10am until 4pm on Monday 28 October. 

Free Tickets are available here from the 16th September 2019

Greenham Parish Council

  • Next Meeting November 2018

    1. Next Meeting November 2018

      Wednesday 14th November

      Full Council Meeting
      1:00 PM
  • Next Meeting December 2018

    1. Next Meeting December 2018

      Wednesday 12th December

      Full Council Meeting
      1:00 PM
  • Next Meeting January 2019

    1. Next Meeting January 2019

      Wednesday 9th January

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting February 2019

    1. Next Meeting February 2019

      Wednesday 13th February

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting at St. Mary's Church Hall, Greenham

    1. Next Meeting at St. Mary's Church Hall, Greenham

      Wednesday 13th March

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting St. Mary's Church Hall, Greenham

    1. Next Meeting St. Mary's Church Hall, Greenham

      Wednesday 10th April

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting May 2019

    1. Next Meeting May 2019

      Wednesday 8th May

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting Greenham Control Tower, Greenham

    1. Next Meeting Greenham Control Tower, Greenham

      Thursday 6th June

      Planning and Highways Committee Meeting
      6:30 PM
  • Next Meeting June 2019

    1. Next Meeting June 2019

      Wednesday 12th June

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting July 2019

    1. Next Meeting July 2019

      Wednesday 10th July

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting August 2019

    1. Next Meeting August 2019

      Wednesday 14th August

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting September 2019

    1. Next Meeting September 2019

      Wednesday 11th September

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting October 2019

    1. Next Meeting October 2019

      Wednesday 9th October

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting November 2019

    1. Next Meeting November 2019

      Wednesday 13th November

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM
  • Next Meeting December 2019

    1. Next Meeting December 2019

      Wednesday 11th December

      Full Council Meeting
      7:30 PM

Meetings of the Parish Council are conducted in accordance with our Standing Orders. (Revised December 2018)

Members of the public are welcome to attend our meetings to ask questions and to comment on the proceedings with the consent of the Chairman.

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Volunteers Needed for Greenham Control Tower

Greenham Control Tower is open to the public. It is a visitor centre, and the aim is to run an attraction which appeals to a wide ranging audience.

The facility is run by Greenham Control Tower Limited, which is a not-for-profit company.

There are a series of volunteer opportunities such as building guides, volunteer coordinator, research and museum assistant, fundraising and event organiser, grounds and handy person and publicity and media assistant.

In addition, Greenham Control Tower Limited would welcome those with a personal connection to the base to get involved, either by sharing their stories or donating memorabilia.

For more information please email greenhamtower@gmail.com

Click Here for further details on volunteering

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