Condolence Books

West Berkshire Council will not be using physical Condolence Books in line with Covid-19 regulations. We will be encouraging the public to ‘sign’ the official electronic version which can be found here

Alternatively, you may wish to create your own electronic Condolence Book.

Floral Tributes

Again in line with Covid-19 regulations and the wishes of the Royal Household, we will be discouraging the public from leaving floral tributes. Instead residents could consider instead, making donations to a charity of their choosing or one of the charities or organisations which The Duke of Edinburgh supported in his public duties. More information about this is available online at:

Cancellation of meetings and events

We are yet to receive any official guidance on this but at the present time we will not be cancelling any of our Council meetings which are all currently held via Zoom. However, we will be asking our Council Members to wear dark clothing and black ties for gentlemen.

Two minutes silence and date of the funeral

As yet, we have not received any further information on when a national two minutes silence will take place. Similarly, we have no details of the date of the funeral.

In the meantime, more information on Prince Philip and his life can be found on the Royal Household website:

Notice Date: 09/04/2021