Update on the John Mellow Playing field

West Berkshire


Following a request from one of our councillors and with the strong backing of a group of interested local residents, Greenham Parish Council applied for the Diamond (aka the John Mello Playing Field) on Pigeon’s Farm Road to be listed as an Asset of Community Value. We are delighted to announced that this application has been successful and the Diamond and the structures on it are now included on the Local Register. In practical terms, this means that if there were a proposal to sell this land - or grant a long lease to a third party, the landowner (in this case West Berkshire Council) would have to notify GPC as a representative of the local community. If the community wished to purchase the land, the procedure confers a Community Right to Bid, where the sale is delayed to give the community time to consider whether they wish to buy it and to raise the necessary funds.

For more information on this process, please see here: https://mycommunity.org.uk/what-are-assets-of-community-value-acv

The Parish Council is continuing to explore ways in which we can further protect this space for the local community. If you would lie to be involved in this process, please contact the Parish Clerk.