Proposal for a new sports ground

West Berkshire


In February 2020, the District Council approved the Playing Pitch Strategy, which is a strategic assessment that provides an up-to-date analysis of supply and demand for playing pitches (grass and artificial) in West Berkshire.

The District Council would like your views on the proposal for a new sports ground at Newbury Rugby Club. In particular, they would like to know whether you support the proposal and the construction of an artificial pitch, what facilities you would like to see at the ground, and whether this new sports ground would give you more opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity.

For full details of the consultation and how to submit your views visit the consultation closes on 28th February 2021.

Alternative option at Pigeons Farm Road

Greenham Parish Council understands that the District Council's plan B is to use the John W Mellow Playing Field, Pigeons Farm Road. Greenham Parish Council is opposed to the development of the Playing Field for this purpose. If you would like further details of how to get involved, please contact the Clerk, Lisa Blake.