Greenham In Bloom

Greenham In Bloom


Greenham Parish Council launches Greenham in Bloom

Greenham Parish Council is proud to announce the launch of Greenham in Bloom, an annual gardening campaign for Greenham’s residents, businesses, and community groups. Prize Categories will include Best Community Building, Best Business, and Best Garden.

The competition will be launched at an event on Saturday 4th April 2020, from 10am-12noon at the Greenham Control Tower on Greenham Common. Come along to pick up your entry forms, meet the Greenham in Bloom team, and take part in our Plant Swap.

Greenham in Bloom is affiliated to the popular Britain in Bloom competition, run by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society). Consideration of wildlife, wildlife gardening and the environment will be important criteria. Judging will take place in July.

Lead Councillor for Greenham in Bloom, Cllr Philippa Harper said "This is a first for Greenham Parish Council. We’re looking for imaginative entries which improve our surroundings and also consider wildlife and the environment. We can all take a part in Greening Greenham."

Entry forms will be available from 31st March on this page.

Do you have somewhere you could display a poster to promote the event? If so, please download this poster.

greenham in bloom

Greenham in Bloom : Project Brief February 2020

In September 2019, Greenham Parish Council approved the principle of creating a Greenham in Bloom scheme starting 2020, and the joining fee of £65 to Thames and Chilterns In Bloom.

Drivers – a reminder
Greenham Parish Council is looking to engage with its community. Britain in Bloom is a well-known and popular scheme run by the RHS, for communities to be involved with enhancing their local environment. In the past, it focused on formal park displays, but it’s now widened to all sorts of initiatives, from creating wildlife gardens to working with schools to litter picks.

Some of the benefits of Greenham in Bloom will be:
• Greenham Parish Council will engage actively and positively with the community
• It will enhance the environment in Greenham
• More and improved planting creates a greener place to live and visit
• A healthier environment attracting wildlife with plants can help to boost local biodiversity and tackle air pollution
• To promote community cohesion of Greenham residents and to play a part in combating social isolation
• It creates a platform for groups and individuals to work together in new ways
• To enhance the Control Tower surroundings, subject to agreement

What will happen for Greenham in Bloom 2020?
Greenham in Bloom will consist of three parts:

1. Greenham in Bloom Competition
Primarily an annual gardening and wildlife competition for the residents of Greenham Parish. Greenham Parish Council will encourage Greenham residents to take part in pro-active and outdoor gardening schemes, to enhance the environment for Greenham residents and visitors.

Competition Categories
Taking soundings from Thames and Chilterns In Bloom organisers and Newbury Town Council, the first year of Greenham in Bloom will be run as simply as possible, with the following categories:
• Best Business – to include offices, pubs and shops
• Best Community Building – to include schools, public buildings, church
• Best Community Group Project – any patch of land gardened by community groups eg playschools? (subject to what’s out there in Greenham)
• Best Garden
• Best Street
Launch date will be April 4th, 2020. Judging will be in late June/early July, with an awards evening in September. A photographic exhibition could potentially be held at the start of 2021 to create interest in next year’s event.

2. Council-led planting
Councillors may put forward new planting ideas, such as trees to combat air pollution and tackle climate change, for consideration by the Council

3. Community Groups and Projects
Greenham Parish Council will look for suitable projects and initiatives in the community to add into the portfolio for the Britain in Bloom entry

We need a graphic designed logo and simple style guide. Professional, eye-catching posters and flyers will be key to success.
Marketing will kick off in February, with a mixed campaign of posters, press releases, social media, and two promotion events. We can also publicise the project through the Control Tower and community networks, subject to agreement.

Cllr Philippa Harper
6th February 2020