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CTC Meetings

The next meeting of the Control Tower Committee: Date to be advised.

CTC Terms of Reference
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A comprehensive listing of all councillors, including telephone numbers and e-mail addresses is available.

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Registers of Interests

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Representation on community organisations

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Freedom of Information

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Details of the Scheme

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Parish Plan

A Parish Plan is a very useful document if it has involved the whole of the community within the Parish and is based on their views of what is wanted for the benefit of all. Communities change constantly and the Parish Plan is an instrument by which the community is able to take part in and influence this change. It is an opportunity for everyone to be heard.

It is a plan for the future years with a shared community vision and details of actions they would like to see taken for the area. When completed the Parish Plan can have an effect on service providers such as the Local Authority and can help the Parish Council influence decisions, if views expressed are drawn from high levels of
community involvement. It can also be a device for obtaining funding for projects for the benefit of the Parish.


Parish Plan adopted!
The Greenham Parish Plan was formally signed off and adopted
by West Berks Council on 28th September 2010.

Now the Parish Plan has been adopted, we need your help to move things forward. Anyone who is willing to help with events, has photocopying facilities, is willing to write articles for our newsletters and willing to help edit them and many other activities, please contact Shirley Huxtable either by phone on 01635 268450 or email at

Just being willing to help either on a one off basis or long term would be great.
We are trying to develop a community spirit.


There are Byelaws covering activities on Stroud Green, Greenham & Crookham Commons.

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(Full Council) Wednesday 13th March 2019 7.30pm at St. Mary's Church Hall, Greenham.



Approved minutes from the full council meeting held on Wednesday 12th December 2018.

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  Newbury College

Newbury College offers a wide range of courses
and sports tuition.

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